Bethany Retirement Community is Part of the Thorek Memorial Hospital Family in Chicago

The atrium and main building of Thorek Memorial Hospital

On October 1, 2019, Thorek Memorial Hospital in Chicago acquired Methodist Hospital of Chicago and Bethany Retirement Community, now Thorek Retirement Home. The sister facilities seek to serve their patients, residents, physicians, staff, employees and community by providing quality services and encouraging employee excellence. 

Both hospitals aim to be the healthcare provider of choice for individuals, organizations, and associations who have the ability to choose, by providing the highest possible level of care and patient safety. 

Thorek Retirement Home strives to better serve our residents by offering a safety net of round-the-clock medical care when necessary through our partnership with Thorek Memorial Hospital in Chicago and our convenient location nextdoor to Methodist Hospital of Chicago.

This valuable partnership, along with the many services and amenities we have to offer, are what make Thorek Retirement Home the best kept secret in retirement living in Chicago.