Mrs. Edith Renfrow Smith, a Resident of Bethany Retirement Community Featured in the Chicago Sun Times

Meet Bethany Retirement Community (now Thorek Retirement Home) resident: Mrs. Edith Renfrow Smith who is turned 107 this week! 

Edith is an incredible person with fascinating stories from her long life that she recently shared with the Chicago Sun Times in a two-part article that appeared on the front page this week!

You can read part one of the article here, and part two here.

“Every morning I go in that dining room and I know all the people who live here, and every one gets spoken to. When I come in the door I’d say, ‘Good morning, Mr. Lewis. Good morning, Gail.’”

— Edith Renfrow Smith

Happy Birthday, Edith from all of us at Bethany Retirement Community! It is such a pleasure to have you here.

Photo via the Chicago Sun Times